Tata Tea Web AR Case Study: Gamification using Web AR for Tata Tea

Tata Tea Web AR Case Study: Augmented Reality on the Smartphone Web Browser | Web AR Game (8th Wall)

As TATA TEA embarked on a truly unique celebration of India’s diversity by showcasing beautifully designed hand made Kulhad’s representing the art, monuments, culture and the prominent tradition of different Indian states, we built an immersive and industry first Web AR experience by bringing the magic of augmented reality to your smartphone’s web browser. You heard that right, an AR experience without the need to download any new app!

To open the experience, all you had to do was scan a QR code placed on the newspaper ad and start the journey. No additional app download was needed and using World Tracking, this amazing experience gave users the ability to interact & get a closer look at the 3D Kulhads to learn more about the art and the state they represent. Well not just that, if you really liked a design, you can just go ahead and place your order.

Try the unique Web AR experience here: https://alivenow.8thwall.app/india-ki-chai-demo/



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